I picked up my first camera while reading English literature at Calcutta University in 1970. Today, after more than thirty five years, six jobs, twenty one cameras, two studios, thirteen trainees, fifty students, nine exhibitions, two thousand assignments and God knows how many pictures, I am amazed to find that the magic is still alive. Maybe not in the same way as it was when I was seventeen, but it definitely is magic nonetheless. I know I have not been able to strike the perfect balance between my commercial work and my personal work, and, maybe given a second chance, I would juggle the two worlds a little differently. But that’s another matter altogether.

I came into photography when it was probably just a little more than an esoteric hobby in this country.
I would like to think that while receiving all the pleasure, money and fame that I have from photography,
I have been able to repay to the craft, a fraction of my debts at least, by sharing my knowledge and skills unreservedly.

I live and work out of New Delhi. My wife Indranie is a food stylist, my daughter Priyanka is a video artist and a teacher in New York and my son is a graphic designer still trying to find his real calling in life.