New York- below the belt

I love New York - just like the t-shirt says. The streets, the shops, the subway, the unimaginable meld of people in constant motion, rushrushrush, expressions, colours, opulence, style, grungeandgarbage glassandsteel, old brownstones, parks, museums, fire escapes, wailing sirens stern faced cops, warm greetings in elevators smiles and nods, greasyfoulsmelling restaurant basements, brightlights brighteyes, mini skirts and motorized skateboards, office hour energy on the 4 train, twilightzonefaces on the latenightshift, grey suits and black dresses, drunks on sidewalks, open, forthright, resilient, ambitions and aspirations sprawled in the sun in Central Park, streetcornerjazz, packed pubs and lonely alleys, black net stockings and lipstick gashes, uncanny weather forecasts, young lust groping in the shadows, Fifthavenuefashion and fuckfoul language, spanking new sneakers on the way to Times Square, Hi! Howyadoin, getoffmyface you m…..f….., I just love it all.

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